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We start with the freshest raw nuts available. Each order is only roasted after the order is placed, guaranteeing you the great flavor and freshness you deserve.

Our roasted nuts have a shelf life of six(6) months, and a year if kept in the freezer.

All of our flavors can be warmed nicely in the microwave. Start at thirty (30) seconds, then a few seconds at a time, till they warm to your personal pleasure.

Make sure to try them over ice cream! Ahh, so good.

Nanny's Nutty Treats

Try all of our flavors Cinnamon Almond, Sea Salted, Cajun Mix, Cinnamon Cashew, Amaretto Cashew, Southern Praline Pecan, Rum Pecan, Bourbon Pecan.

Nanny's Nutty Treats Owner Chuck Miller 586-231-9619 or 352-360-8056.